when people see what i’ve been finally talkin about maybe ill give u a chance but for now fuck it. everyone wanna be so mf stubborn, fuck that i don’t have time to argue wit a bunch of selfish ass people. since all yall swear u so fucking grown and know everything at just 18-21 then so fucking be it lmao. again well see who gets the last laugh. 

& everybody can think whatever the fuck they want about me i clearly don’t give two fucks. yall can all go fuck yourselves & go to hell cause last time i checked im the one who chose to be where im at in life & is perfectly fine with it. unless u gunna hand me a check with my mf name on it then i don’t wanna hear jack shit what you think of me. aint no bitch out there better than me. yall mf think cause yall got some wack ass weak ass relationship goin on, ur life is better then mines? um nope. always been a bitch who got everything on her own & always will be. never needed a nigga to make me happy & i still don’t aha. once shit hits the fan ull really be seeing who gets the last motherfuckin laugh. 

everybody needa start findin some other motherfucker to start blaming. i be minding my own business. whatever petty shit happens in ur life go point the finger at somebody else. especially if i dont even fuck wit u or talk to u. & thats exactly the reason for it. once shit gets messy everybody wanna point the finger at me & never look at they asses in the mirror. 

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I hope i raise my child good enough for him or her to listen to me when i talk to them and respect me. Thats why he or shes god mother and father is going to be great role models that have good relationship with their parents and teach them the right thing in life even when they can be wrong.

Is the best shit talker ever lived. Smh becausr everyone else wanna act fucking stupid i have to get the blame for everything & of course no one will take the time to understand that either.